Diane Radwill has been passionate about photography for over 35 years. Her interests have always been diverse and have included city scenes, architecture, and nature as well as close-up photography. She is currently working with monochromatic landscapes and botanicals to reveal the simple beauty inherent in their form and structure. This has naturally led her to black and white photography where the compositional elements become the focus.

Her work is regularly exhibited at the Mayo Performing Arts Center, NJ Visual Arts Center, and Watchung Arts Center.

Diane shoots with a Nikon D700. Making her own digital prints allows her to control the process so that her vision is accurately recorded on paper. She prints with an Epson Stylus Pro 3880.

As a volunteer "Wizard" supporting the New Jersey Media Center, Diane assists with destination workshops and in the everyday operation of a photography business.

In her other life, Diane has spent over 30 years in public education as a school social worker, special education administrator, and consultant.